Carwoola Landcare

Carwoola, a rural community east of Queanbeyan, has some of the best remnant vegetation in the region. The Carwoola Landcare group represents a cross-section of the community, with some landholders just enjoying life on a bush block, others in agriculture, including grapes, olives, alpacas, goats, sheep or cattle, but all sharing a common concern for loss of biodiversity and improving the health of the land. This concern has been reflected in past projects. In recent years, Carwoola landcare has delivered a range of projects including projects to conserve and enhance remnant vegetation by fencing and planting linking corridors, willow control and riparian restoration, and a rabbit control project. Other regular activities include field days to identify weeds, plant trees and monitor water quality.

Two annual events are hosted by the Carwoola Landcare Group:

Annual Weeds Workshop

This workshop, hosted in conjunction with Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council, helps landholders to identify the most common noxious weeds, learn why they are noxious weeds and how to control them. Landholders are giving access to a range of information materials on weeds and their management and links to sources of assistance. There is also a paddock walk to identify weeds, and landholders are invited to bring samples for identification.

Annual Spring Wildflower Walk

This annual walk aims to help residents identify native plants on their block. Despite years of grazing, the variety of plants on properties in Carwoola can be enormous. Some of these are listed as endangered, others are locally rare, some local orchids appear infrequently, some plants look like weeds, while many just have a story to tell. Understanding the variety of plants on rural blocks helps residents to understand what makes a habitat for insects, lizards and birds, as well as larger mammals.
See the Carwoola Plants in Flower website for identifying flowering plants in Carwoola.

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