Bredbo Community Landcare updates

March 2010 Clean Up Australia Day nearly snuck up on us but we were ready for the day with a small team of members and one fellow who travelled from Canberra. We still managed to clean up a huge amount of rubbish. The sausage sizzle went down well some had seconds well why not!!!! Cooma Monaro Shire Council again donated money for the day Another BH, GA, K2C seed collecting day at Scottsdale this time we went to two different areas to collect Eucalypt seeds and under story plants enjoying the very nice lunch provided by BH at the conclusion of the day.

February 2010 A working bee took place at Jacks Gully which was not well attended hopefully the next will be better. Sue Connelly held a Weed Swap at the Bredbo Markets with free plants being exchanged for a weed Sue and Cooma Monaro Shire Council donated the plants and Marianne the Council Chief Weeds officer came our to help ID the weeds and explain what to do about them. Maryke Booth from Royalla Landcare kindly donated some weed kits to hand out. Our good Peter did a great job manning the Landcare stall giving out flyers and application forms for Landcare's self funded Weed Chemical Subsidy forms to financial members.

December 2009 Seed collecting in progressA seed collecting day was held at Scottsdale by BH, GA and K2C with a couple of the Bredbo Landcare members in attendance including Dennis who helped out in getting the bods around the property. Seed collecting in progressI must also add that some of our members also help out with tree planting for Bush Heritage on Scottsdale, and there have been other Field days happening through out the year. No Christmas barbecue this year lots of Seed Collecting Workshops in progress.

October 2009 Some members participated in a couple of workshops one being a popular Grassy Ecosystems Management Kit workshop held at the Bush Heritage property Scottsdale and this one was funded by the MCMA and co-hosted by K2C. It was a full day with lots of interesting things to learn in the field.

So we couldn’t help ourselves and we ran another Clay Seed Ball Rolling day again with K2C and GA but this time with Bush Heritage on the Scottsdale Reserve. As was the case previously many people attended to get their hands dirty and strategically placed the clay balls in the rocky crevaces in the ridge tops on the reserve. Our AGM was this year held in the Bush Heritage ‘Scottsdale’ woolshed due to the Bredbo Hall being renovated,. Ian Pulsford from DECCW gave a presentation about the Great Eastern Range Initiative to re establish a network of habitat along the Great Escarpment.

August 2009 Whew this was a busy month, lots of things happening, luckily the weather was pretty good though still somewhat dry. Making clay seed balls
The finished productLandcare ran its first and not last Clay Ball Seed rolling morning in partnership with Greening Australia and the Kosciuszko to Coast Project. Luckily we had a barbecue lunch first, then it was time to roll the sleeves up and hands in the clay rolling tiny balls with seed in them.

Some of the clay seed balls were taken home by the participants on the day while the remaining ones were distributed onto a local property . K2C helped facilitate the day and Greening Australia's Graham Fifield showed us how it was done, good onya Graham.

Another interesting event was a site visit to Thistlebrook Park by Peter Andrews author of Back From The Brink and Beyond The Brink. Peter is campaigning for a landscape technique called Natural Sequence Farming and a few of our members were able to be present to hear his theories. Afterwards there was a packed meeting at the Bredbo Inn to take part in a discussion on NSF and Weeds. Local weeds officers were present as well. National Tree planting day was very well attended which was good as we had a few hundred trees and shrubs to plant at Jacks Gully, Greening Australia helped out with some plants as well as Sues donation and supply to Landcare.

May to July 2009 Fairly quite apart from our regular working bees at Jacks Gully and the Bredbo Park Mound.

April 2009 Our funded project by the Government Envirotrust to Establish Drought Tolerant Native Grass Species on two members property was concluded with a field day. David Eddy from the Monaro Grassland Conservation Management was on hand to discuss and Identify the various species and their establishment ect. Sue Connelly member and local landholder brought along some native plants and grasses and discussed how to propagate by seed and division. Lauren Van Dyke, the Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) Project Facilitator was there with literature to hand out about the different partners incentives.

March 2009 Once again we organized and ran Clean Up Australia Day in the village numbers seem to be dwindling but those that came really put in a great effort. As usual we finished off the morning with our tasty sausage sizzle.