Nimmitabel Landcare

Nimmitabel Landcare group hasn't had a meeting in 5 years. There is a minimal amount of money still in the group's bank account. The group is no longer incorporated, and therefore has no insurance. A lack of energy is the reason for the group's current quiet phase.

Historically, the group set up in 1998. Past projects included a joint effort with Numeralla, focusing on Serrated tussock. There was not a great amount of community support for this project from Nimmitabel, however.

Would be willing to have a meeting to gauge interest, and still has contact details of people who should be invited to something like this. The biggest challenge the group has [and would face] is how to motivate volunteers!


  • Serrated tussock = no. 1 worst weed!
  • Drought and lack of rain
  • Emerging weed threat = Fireweed along the highway. Cooma Monaro Council actively controlling this issue at present. Two recent community meetings have been held in Nimmitabel focusing on the threat. This activity has been about as close to Landcare as possible for the community of Nimmitabel in recent months African lovegrass coming from the north i.e. Cooma sale yards another emerging threat for the area Crown land on the edge of town also has some St Johns wort.


The above issues offer clear guidance for any future Landcare efforts. Also, the possibility still exists to have another partnership approach with Numeralla Landcare Kybean area may have the potential to activate Landcare more in the area (tussock issues). Quite a few new [and interested] landholders are moving into the area.