Numeralla Landcare

An award-winning and very long-standing group which has been very successful in gaining funding for work along numerous waterways (including the Numeralla River) and focusing on Willow control.

The group regularly meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 in the Numeralla town hall. Working bees are on an as-needs basis. These will vary across tenure to strategically tackle weed problems, whilst helping the community carry out the enormity of the weed problem in the local area.

Numeralla Landcare evolved out of the events of the 1991 floods ,where it became obvious to everyone living along the river corridor, that something had to be done to rehabilitate and maintain a quality riparian environment. The solution of riverworks and revegetation was embraced by all and carried out with much enthusiasm by the locals under the guidance of the newly formed Landcare group. Over approx 35km of river corridor was worked with(and some minor tributaries)15 major structural works of stream alignment with gabions. Out of this work it became apparent the damage willows could do and led to further work on their control.

Today we wait in anticipation of another flood and expect all our handy work to survive.

In the meantime we continue to pursue other activies such as spraying primarily broom and gorse. These weeds are found in fairly discrete pockets which gives us every chance of eliminating them if we continue the yearly purge.

To be funded for these things is much harder these days. The process is painful and where as a few years ago everyone wanted to be involved, today few find maintenance type work inspiring on their days of from work and the work is left to the old diehards and diehardesses.

At Numeralla we have a very successful folk festival every year which helps provide funding for the Landcare group's activities. So we persist.