Queanbeyan Landcare

An active Landcare group which carries out numerous on-ground projects, provides public information, seeks and administers grants for on-ground works and makes submissions to local and state government planning processes.

Although the Murrumbidgee CMA does not include the ACT in its catchment for operations purposes, Queanbeyan Landcare (QLC) runs across all borders - is catchment true. Members of this - and nearby Carwoola Landcare - both executives on UMLC, have won ACT Landcarer award in 2005 and 2007. Hence the level of involvement within the ACT to be inclusive of the entire catchment.

The Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 (not in January) and, holds monthly working bees at either Gale, Fernleigh, Glebe Park or The Poplars.


A major project throughout 2008 is the weed control in the Gale Precinct. An Envirofund grant is currently enabling a contractor to spray the problem weeds in this area. Weeds are only one issue at this site, it is also undergoing the uncertainty of a development land claim; gets impacted upon by trail bikes; and, presently contributes to a large part of the greenery surrounding the southeast side of the city. If it is lost to development a major corridor will also be lost.

Another major project is on The Poplars site, where the endangered Button Wrinklewort grows prolifically and herbicides cannot be used, QLC is hand weeding and cut and paint in the most sensitive areas.

Sustainable issues are high on the agenda for QLC, who address their concern by providing comments on local Development Applications and take to task stakeholders who should be managing erosion and sediment problems along the creeks and rivers in the Group's control.

Without the tireless efforts of QLC large stands of the locally significant (and Federally listed) Grassy Box Woodland would not have been saved in recent developments. The Group aims to tackle this issue into the future, and are pro-active in recognising parcels of land worth preserving for future generations.

Queanbeyan Landcare group works well with schools, and carries out educational initiatives for the general public too. One of these initiatives is Radio Landcare (QBN-FM 96.7) which is run every week on Sunday mornings from 8-9am. Members within the group arrange the radio hour, keeping it topical and local. All are invited to contribute on this radio show.

Other activities QLC hold regularly are:

Clean Up Australia Day (the Group is in its 16 year of participating in this event)

Weed Swaps occur several times a year, offering free natives to people who bring in a weed specimen. This is often performed in conjunction with a local nursery, and free talks on native plants, propagation, etc, are carried out at the same time.

In 2008, QLC hosted a special planting event with the Pilgrims that visited the country for Youth Week. This was done at Little Burra.


The lifeline of the Queanbeyan area catchment is the Queanbeyan River and its various tributaries and riparian zones. The biggest issues for QLC are related to these. They are erosion and weeds. New developments, in particular, that bring in new roads are a large contributor to sediment reaching the creeks and rivers around Queanbeyan.

Queanbeyan could be considered the gateway to the Monaro in the sense that it is sending weeds south, and QCC do not address this issue accordingly.

The Council won't control weeds not on the noxious weeds list. Continual input into the Council's Environment Advisory Committee by the Group will ensure that their dissatisfaction is put across.


Workshop/ training on erosion and sediment control to combat erosion in creeks and rivers.