Smiths Road Landcare

Smiths Road is only a small group, with about 50 farms and lifestyle blocks along the road. No Landcare activities are happening at the moment, although the group remains active as a community group. The Landcare group does not call itself defunct, and would be interested in some possible smaller projects. The group considers itself more of an assistant to landholders who are applying for individual grants.

One recent Landcare project concentrated on developing a wildlife corridor linking private land to the top of nearby Clear Range. This was to help the endangered Regent Honeyeater. Unfortunately the drought has taken its toll on this corridor however, with most of the seedlings planted having died. Because this was quite a disappointing event for the Group, they have become reluctant to carry out any more restoration projects until there is some good rain.

Landcare meetings are incorporated onto the back of other community meetings. The group used to enjoy seminars and workshops promoted and/or organised by Pam Vipond and Lynton Bond. This brought in a few new members, which were all keen at the start, but tapered off soon after.

Initial interest from 12 waned to 2 core people every time, the latter being too small to carry out too much on-ground work. This meant that once plants had been planted there wasn't the personnel available to return to them for maintenance. The responsibility will have to be given to the individuals for maintenance.


One particular sharp bend in the creek is creating erosion problems, mostly on private land. One outstanding corridor project may be requiring finalisation.


Any ideas would be appreciated aside from this (mentioned above) as Landcare is at a loss of what to do to carry on its momentum in the area.